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Presidents' conversation

Enzo meets Martin

Martin Harvey (new President) meets Enzo Peduzzi (former President)

As one President gives way to another we interviewed departing Enzo Peduzzi and incoming Martin Harvey about the past and future of Euralarm.

Talking to the European Parliament is key to us going forward but this is not without its difficulties, staff change on a too frequent basis and this makes if time consuming and difficult to forge alliances. So, to be successful it does take a lot of work to be active in advocacy. At the FIA, we have regular meetings with different UK government departments and it is unusual that more than two weeks go by without a meeting.

  • Enzo Peduzzi: "My mission was to bring back Euralarm to its Members, to make them proud of being part of Euralarm."
  • Martin Harvey: "My mission is to improve our communication further and attract more people into our Industry."


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