Driving standardization

One of the most important topics the security section deals with is standardisation. The section undertakes efforts to ensure that European (CEN/CENELEC/ETSI) security equipment and system standards meet the requirements of Euralarm’s members.

For that reason our experts, technical managers together with other stakeholders monitor and support  relevant IEC, ISO, CENELEC, CEN and ETSI committees on electronic security standards. The section closely follows the execution of standardization activities of relevant standardization organisations and is keen on ensuring that the EN 50131-1 revision is delivered to ensure professional security products are defined.


Oscar Feijoo Jimenez

Oscar Feijoo Jimenez

Chair Security Section

Milan Ceeh

Milan Ceeh

Vice chair Security Section

Strengthening the industry through cooperation

Working in an international playing field, requires cooperation. The Security section acts as a platform for collaboration between companies in the industry to formulate and put across common views. The section advocates its positions towards the European Commission on policies, legislation and regulations that affect security products and towards other relevant stakeholders to promote the electronic security industry. As part of its networking function, the section works to maintain and develop close contacts with other organisations and associations which are active in the security market and complementary to Euralarm activities.

Close eye on emerging technologies

The Green Deal, cloud based security infrastructures, cyber security, IoT, AI and other emerging technologies could have a major impact on the security industry. The Security section continuously monitors the impact of these technologies to identify the challenges and opportunities of these developments for our industry and thus creating room for innovation. As part of this activity the section proactively supports interoperability activities.

Making our industry attractive

Together with the other Euralarm sections the Security section is committed to attracting new talent and making our industry attractive for newcomers. Working in the Security industry means working in  a world of rapidly changing technology. The security industry is a diverse, open and welcoming world where the future is shaped and careers are created.



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