Fire Protection for all

Fire Protection methods continually improve, however, some regulations are constantly under threat and need monitoring, legislators need guidance as they do not fully understand the technologies, the FGas reviews is one of the areas we are giving special attention.

Focus on advocacy

We monitor the technical, political trends and take action to guide, influence their development and improve them. 
This is done together with a diverse number of stakeholders in Europe, we collaborate on finding solutions for today’s 
challenges, such as CPR and pan European testing as well as tomorrow’s challenges for fire safety in a 
digitised world.

Chair and vice chair Section

Alan Elder

Alan Elder

Chair Extinguishing Section

Torbjørn Laursen

Torbjørn Laursen

Vice chair Extinguishing Section

An overview of the members of the Extinguishing Section can be found in the Extinguishing Section group on the Euralarm Members page of this website (for members only). 


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Cross-Sectional Webinar 4Q22


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Paul van der Zanden
To avoid uncertainty, reduce administrative burdens and encourage investment we support pan-European processes for testing, audit and certification for fire safety and security products and services

Paul van der Zanden


Euralarm Industry and Advocacy Event

2022 Annual Event & General Assembly

Euralarm General Assembly