Euralarm represents the fire and security industry, providing leadership and expertise for industry, market, policymakers and standards bodies. The industry comprises 60,000 innovative companies spanning the Fire Protection Systems Suppliers, Electronic Fire Detection businesses, Security Businesses & engineering suppliers that Supply, Service, and Maintain these systems. Together they represent a sector that employs 5 million people, generating an annual turnover of €1.126 billion providing 6.25 million indirect jobs.
We are a European-level federation that engages with EU policymakers on behalf of our members, speaking for 23 national industry associations and 27 Industry manufacturers


5 Reasons to join Euralarm

1. Be part of a strong network  

By joining Euralarm, you will become part of an influential network comprised of more than 60,000 companies, benefiting from opportunities to connect and collaborate, share knowledge and build partnerships, within and across industry sectors.

2. Influence the EU agenda 

Euralarm has been a trusted partner representing European technology industries in Brussels for more than 50 years and directly influences the EU agenda. With around 80% of national and regional legislation in Europe coming from Brussels, influencing EU policy is a must for future-oriented businesses to stay ahead of the curve.

3. Gain insights and regulatory intelligence 

Euralarm's advocacy work covers a broad spectrum of policy and regulatory issues. As part of Euralarm, you will gain access to our extensive expertise, insights and intelligence that we share with the network.

4. Shape the industry agenda  

In today's disruptive environment, industrial strategy and policies are playing an increasingly important role in shaping the future of our industries. Joining Euralarm enables you to contribute to shaping the agenda for your industry, including through direct participation in our working groups and task forces.

5. Build visibility

Euralarm plays a key role in connecting industry with policymakers. We organise numerous events, conference speaking opportunities and roundtables that offer opportunities for our members to increase their brand visibility and thought leadership profile. 


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