Guidance Documents:

The different sections of Euralarm have experts in many areas of fire safety and Security, guidance papers are written by experts which give more information and explanation on specific topics.

Position Papers:

Policies and new regulations are created by public stakeholders, new standards are created by the European Standard Organizations, Euralarm needs to ensure that these have the desired added value for the users and our industry. The Euralarm Members bring their views together in position papers that explain their views on these topics.


On a regular basis, initiatives are supported with extensive documentation, it can be difficult to understand the impact on our industries, briefings therefore provide our members with a summary of the topic and the possible impact on our industry.

Annual Reports

If you are looking for an overview of the Euralarm activities in a specific year the Annual report is a valuable source of information.

Compliance Documents (Members Only)

The fire safety and security industry are built around standards, regulations and directives. Euralarm keeps track of these changes and provides the members with a quarterly overview of ongoing compliance changes. Where needed experts from members and the professional team are directly involved in the change processes.

Resources for Insights and Policy

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Compliance newsletter October 2021

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Compliance Newsletter May 2021

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Compliance Newsletter February 2021