Our priorities for 2019 to 2024 are:

  • developing a strong Single Market and expanding global markets for quality products and services;
  • raising standards for industry professionals through training and qualification;
  • turning emerging technologies into sustainable solutions;
  • advancing knowledge and innovation.

We aim to accomplish this by focusing on the following areas:

  • market-oriented standards for products and services;
  • pan-European testing and certification of products;
  • training and qualifications;
  • digitalisation including Cybersecurity, IoT and AI
  • partnering with research bodies.

One of the most basic requirements for each of us is defense against harm, no matter what form it takes. Without protective measures, the individuals that makeup society are at risk. For decades our industry has worked diligently to develop solutions to prevent and limit the consequences from threats such as fire, theft, property damage and others. In collaboration with public authorities, policymakers, standards and certification bodies and industry associations, our industry works to address society’s needs for safety and security in Europe and globally.