Digitalization driving the service market

Digital data, artificial intelligence, next generation networks, remote services and cyber security – when it comes to digitalization the Services section of Euralarm is at the forefront of the developments. By monitoring these emerging technologies and identifying the possibilities these technologies offer to our members and challenges they bring to the market, the Services section facilitates innovation.

But there are more trends to consider when services are involved. The increased focus on sustainability, the lack of manpower and continuous pressure to reduce costs have an impact on the services market for fire and security systems. The Services Section gives guidance to its members in turning these challenges into actions


Robert Thilthorpe

Robert Thilthorpe

Chair Services Section

Brian Cunningham

Brian Cunningham

Vice chair Services Section

Successful contributing to standardization

The Services section has proactively and successfully contributed to the development of services standards. The work has been focused on the services for fire safety and security systems (EN 16763) as well as remote services for fire safety and security (EN 50710). With these standards the Services section targets at getting all service providers answering to the same quality requirements. Also, these major successes allow us to be at the forefront of the development of standards for services.

Be informed

The Section members circulate up-to-date market developments, to keep informed of new innovations. As part of its networking function, the section works to maintain and develop close contacts with other organisations and associations which are active in the security market and complementary to Euralarm activities.

Making our industry attractive

Together with the other Euralarm sections the Services section is committed to attracting new talent and making our industry attractive for newcomers. Working in the fire and security services industry means working in a world of rapidly changing technology. The services industry is a diverse, open and welcoming world where the future is shaped and careers are created.

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