Safeguarding new and innovative services


All systems need to be engineered by professionals and that includes the application design, the preparation of installation drawings and knowable people to install, configure and test and commission the systems. Your investment is then further protected by maintenance engineers who will service and maintain the system at optimum performance

While maintaining focus on established fire and security services, the Services Section aims at safeguarding new and innovative services.

European Standard

After its work on Services for fire safety systems and security systems succeeded to be voted as a European Norm, EN 16763, the Section pushed through a new work item for a European standard on Remote Services for fire safety and security EN 50710. With these the Section targets at getting all service providers answering to the same quality requirements.

These major successes for Euralarm allow us to be at the forefront of the development of standards for services. The Section members circulate up-to-date market developments, to keep informed of new innovations.

Robert Thilthorpe

Robert Thilthorpe

Chair Services Section

Victoria Ferrera Lopez

Victoria Ferrera Lopez

Vice chair Services Section

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Services Standard
The successful vote for the EN50710 service standard, is the icing on the cake after the Service Section’s efforts to guarantee more certainty for a future in which remote services play an increasingly important role. Jon Könz, Chair of Euralarm’s Services Section said, “It is an excellent result and an advancement for the fire safety and security industry.

Services Standard


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