Euralarm upholds a strong sense of social responsibility, placing a significant emphasis on sustainability, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in its operations.

With a commitment to advancing the goals of the European Green Deal, Euralarm actively promotes
sustainability measures. By supporting the implementation of the Digital Product Passport, Euralarm
fosters transparency and sustainability across the entire product lifecycle, ensuring compliance with
circular economy principles.

For a greener world

Sustainability is also central to our internal processes. By investing in and digitizing communication tools, meetings take place predominantly online. Administrative processes and back-end systems have been simplified and digitized, leading to a paperless organization that contributes to a “greener world".

Task Group Environment & Sustainability

The number of European legislative initiatives related to environment and sustainability under the European Green Deal is continuously growing. Euralarm initiated the Task Group Environment & Sustainability to address  the relevant legislations covering environmental sustainability topics where either Euralarm can influence or where there will be a significant impact for the members.

Euralarm Forest

As part of our sustainability strategy Euralarm is planting trees around the world to stop deforestation, fight climate change and support local communities.


Project Planted for Number of Trees
Trees for Tigers, India Jon Könz 175
Project Eden Reforestation Projects, Madagascar Dominique Taudin 80
Lost Forests Recovery in California, United States Michael Scharnowsky 50
Eden Reforestation Projects, Kenya Daniel Abbou 50
Usambara Biodiversity Conservation, Tanzania Radek Zachoval 50
Forest Garden Program, Senegal Dr. Aleksandar Duric 50
Preservation of Mt. Elgon Ecosystem, Uganda Phil Clark 190


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