Agoria, the federation of the technology industry, brings together 2079 technology companies and all those who are inspired by technology. With more than 321,000 employees, the technology sector is the largest sector in Belgium and Agoria is the largest federation within FEB. Some 70 percent of Agoria's members are SMEs.


Agoria has more than 200 employees. They work at members' homes or offices in Brussels, Antwerp, Liege, Ghent and Charleroi. In the first three cities, Agoria has its own BluePoint business center and a Tech.Lounge.

Agoria's services and positions focus on digitalization, the manufacturing industry of tomorrow, talent management policy and training, market developments, regulation, infrastructure, climate, environment and energy. Agoria aims to connect all those inspired by technology and innovation, increase business success and shape a sustainable future. Through its Agoria Techlancers initiative, Agoria also offers a range of services to freelancers.

Through "Be The Change", Agoria focuses on the future of the labor market, via "Factory of the Future" on the strengths of our manufacturing industry and with "DigiCoach" on the further digitalization of individuals and organizations. Agoria has both a research center and an innovation center and is active at all policy levels. Bart Steukers is the CEO of Agoria. Agoria has existed since 1946.