Euralarm has released an update of its guidelines for alarm systems’ remote services. The document supplements existing European standards in related topics and proposes technical specifications in an area not yet standardised. It paves the way for the upcoming vote on the Euralarm supported pnEN 16763 standard.

The 2016 General Assembly of Euralarm in Lisbon saw an important turnout of Member Delegates and other representatives. Votes on the report of the President, the 2015-2016 financial report and 2016-2017 budget were overwhelmingly supportive of the new direction which the association has taken.

During the 2016 General Assembly of Euralarm on May 9th, Euralarm delegates to the Security Section have elected their new Chairman and Vice-Chairman: Messrs. David Wilkinson and Andreas Kull. Euralarm’s Security Section is active in the field of intrusion alarms, access control and video surveillance.

On May 25th, a Conference on Building Information Modelling (BIM) took place in Paris, organised by Euralarm member SVDI, a national union representing professionals in the sector of safety, video-protection and fire detection. The event outlined the perspectives on BIM’s adoption in France. 

Euralarm members within standardisation body CEN/TC 72 are questioning the impact of a newly enforced standardisation procedure on the quality of fire detection products across Europe. Euralarm is determined to work hand in hand with the European Commission for a joint solution on the long term.

A must-attend event for the electronic fire safety and security industries was the Euralarm Symposium 2016 that took place on May 9th in Lisbon, Portugal. It focused on challenges and opportunities for businesses due to the impact of new technological developments to our sector.

To strengthen the representation of the European electronic fire safety and security industry, Euralarm continually looks to expand its membership both in terms of geographic coverage as well as it’s representation into adjacent areas. For this it is essential for the association to communicate clearly the services provided to the industry.

Brussels, February 17, 2016 – Euralarm, the association of European manufacturers, installers and service providers of the electronic fire safety and security industry, presents its Manifesto for a Safer and More Secure Europe, 2016-2019.

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