12 Apr 2024
by Martin Franke

Euralarm at Proteger: Leadership in standardization

During the 9th Security Conference – PROTEGER 2024 Euralarm President Jon Könz gave a presentation on leadership in standardization.

Advancements in technology and industry practices as well as changes in regulatory agendas and directives make it necessary to continuously initiate new standards and update existing standards to ensure they remain relevant and effective. In this context, leadership in standardisation is a crucial factor for achieving the desired benefits and outcomes both for industry and society. That requires the ability and willingness of an actor to initiate, influence and shape the development and implementation of standards that are relevant, effective, and legitimate. Euralarm provides that leadership in standardisation. That was the message of Euralarm President Jon Könz during the 9th security conference PROTEGER 2024, organized by Euralarm member APSEI.

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