29 Jun 2023
by Martin Franke

Guidance on Approved fill stations now also available in Spanish

The Euralarm guidance document on approved fill stations is now also available in Spanish.

Clean agent systems work with gases that leave no residue and act against fires in the early stages of development.

Filling of containers, whether as an initial fill function or as result of a container discharging and needing to be refilled, is a vital part of the quality controls in place to ensure that systems work as intended.  In order to maintain the functionality of the clean agent system as new, correct refilling is an important activity. For retesting of containers prior to refill refer to the Euralarm Guidance on the Periodic Testing of Transportable Gas Containers used in Fire Extinguishing Systems.


Topics that are covered in the Euralarm guidance note are the different types of fill station operatives, who are capable of carrying out the refill of system containers, training by a qualified third party or OEM, checking of containers before the refill is conducted, process documentation, personal safety, important additional steps for a correct filling process and the required equipment. The guidance document also contains a bibliography as reference to other important documents and relevant standards.

Click here to download the Spanish guidance document on approved fill stations.