05 Feb 2024
by Martin Franke

An innovative escape room amplifying fire safety awareness among students

Euralarm best practices: increasing awareness on fire safety with students as part of domestic life safety

Annually, the Dutch fire department in the north of the Netherlands provides a challenge to the students of the local university, initiating diverse community-based projects. Each challenge incorporates a fire safety theme, fostering competition among participating communities. This escape room experience was conceived and crafted by five students enrolled in the Communication and Multimedia program.

The remarkable aspect of this project lies in compelling the target audience to introspect. Often, this approach supports the creation of the most innovative and engaging creations. Embracing an "out of the box" perspective is inherent, making it not only refreshing but also a challenge for the fire department to implement.

 The winning pitch presented by the students, featuring an escape room, immediately caught the attention. As advocates for fire-safe living, the Dutch Fire brigade saw immense potential in transforming this concept into a practical application which connects with the target audience.


Prior to their victory, the students were granted the opportunity to further develop their ideas. However, due to the time constraints in converting an entire container into an escape room the fire department stepped in to actualize their vision based on the blueprint they had conceived.

Room18 narrates an intriguing storyline, where students must discover and solve three puzzles to retrieve the key to their friend's freedom. But embedded within this experience lies a deeper message. The puzzles are intertwined with fire safety elements, encouraging students to critically observe and identify safety hazards. Time is a critical factor, mirroring the urgency in real-life emergency scenarios, allotting participants a mere 10 minutes to escape. The element of time-induced pressure reflects the stress involved in timely evacuation in case of a fire incident.

Collaboration in this escape experience is another highlighted aspect, observed as students engage within the escape room. Effective teamwork and communication become evident, offering invaluable insights

Moreover, the ambiance within the room dynamically shifts as time elapses. Sound, lighting changes, and the introduction of smoke from a simulated short-circuit in a dryer elevate the intensity, mirroring real dangers during a fire incident. This highlights the significance of recognizing smoke as the most dangerous element in a fire scenario, often unnoticed but extremely hazardous.

Room18 serves as an interactive tool, sparking discussions among students. The experience prompts queries, offering an opportune moments to provide information. Distributing informational flyers and showcasing unsafe scenarios further bolsters awareness. In the pursuit of knowledge, the experience includes a brief questionnaire (9 questions) to gauge fire safety awareness levels. Anonymous completion via QR codes enables us to monitor participants' comprehension and experiences with the escape room—a pilot initiative currently underway.

Since its inauguration in last year, Room18 has garnered success across multiple locations and  educational institutions throughput the Northern part of the Netherlands. Continuous development ensures its adaptability, allowing for modifications in puzzles and the incorporation of contemporary fire safety issues.

We thanks  Brandweer Fryslân for the provided information and photo’s if you are interested to know more about the concept please contact [email protected]

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