Fire detection and alarm producers worried by shift in EU standardisation approach

Euralarm members within standardisation body CEN/TC 72 are questioning the impact of a newly enforced standardisation procedure on the quality of fire detection products across Europe. Euralarm is determined to work hand in hand with the European Commission for a joint solution on the long term.

A recent letter of the European Commission’s DG GROW to CEN/TC 72 has raised questions among the members of the group, mainly representatives of the electronic fire safety industry and standard certification bodies, over their capacity to adapt to new standardisation procedures in their sector. The procedure also puts the safety of European citizens into question.

The official European Commission letter informed CEN/TC 72 members about the discontinuation of pass/fail criteria used when testing fire detection and fire alarm systems. The pass/fail testing approach is contrary to the one favoured by the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), based on ‘classes of performance’.

The performance approach supposes greater regulatory prerogatives for EU Member States: from Euralarm member’s standpoint, this endangers the Single European Market for electronic fire safety and security products and could result in lower levels of safety for EU citizens depending on their country of residence.

For more details, read the full press release: Fire detection and alarm producers worried by shift in EU standardisation approach.

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