Euralarm expands its activities into fire extinguishing, now represents the entire Fire Industry

Euralarm, the European trade association representing the electronic security and fire safety Industry expands its activities into fire extinguishing, offering new opportunities to its Members and to other organisations interested in joining forces with them.

Today, after a vote of its Members assembled in Stockholm, Sweden, Euralarm has decided to extend its activities to fire extinguishing. Organised as an umbrella association, Euralarm already comprises an electronic fire alarm Section, as well as a Section for electronic security and another for services related to both fire and security.

The newly opened Fire Extinguishing Section covers a sector where many of Euralarm’s Members are already active. The Section aims to represent companies and national associations active in technologies such as: Water- Based Suppression Systems (Sprinklers, Watermist), Portable Fire Extinguishers, Fixed Extinguishing Installations, and Fire Fighting Agents.

Those actors would get for the first time a real chance at get their voices heard in Brussels, where an association covering the sector was not yet established. 

The extension of Euralarm into fire extinguishing also represents a consolidation in the representation of the fire and security sector at European level: often active on multiple markets fire safety and security technology companies will now have a ‘one stop shop’ in Europe. The Fire Industry in Europe now speaks with one voice to the European Union.

The new Section will open a forum for Euralarm Members to discuss and prioritise their own specific topics until now left out of the association’s EU advocacy activities, such as REACH and the Pressure Equipment Directives, or the F-Gas Regulation.

Companies and associations wishing to join the Section will benefit from a special discount on their first year of membership. Current Members of Euralarm will also benefit from a reduction in their membership fees when joining in addition to their actual membership the Extinguishing Section.

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