12 Nov 2023

Updated German version of Euralarm response to ECHA proposal for restriction of PFAS

This Fact Sheet is an updated German version of the response to ECHA proposal for restriction of PFAS.

The German update follows on ECHA reporting that by the end of its stakeholder consultation on the proposed restriction on PFAS on 25 September 2023, it had received more than 5,600 comments from more than 4,400 organisations, companies and individuals. Of these, 3,313 were from companies, 1,543 from individuals, 552 from trade associations, 61 from NGOs, 42 from academia, 30 from national authorities, 30 from international organisations, 21 from regional or local authorities, and 50 were considered as uncategorized submissions. 

Within the ECHA proposal, the applications of PFAS are grouped into 14 sectors: TULAC (Textile, upholstery, leather, apparel and carpets) - Food contact materials and packaging - Metal plating and manufacture of metal products - Consumer mixtures - Cosmetics - Ski wax - Applications of fluorinated gases - Medical devices - Transport - Electronics and semiconductors - Energy sector - Construction products - Lubricants - Petroleum and mining. This document serves as brief overview summary with a focus on firefighting gases as part of the sector group ‘Applications of fluorinated gases’.