03 Mar 2021
by Martin Franke

Spotlight on: SäkerhetsBranschen

Euralarm member SäkerhetsBranschen (Security Industry) is a Swedish industry organization for security companies with over 500 members. The members combined employ 33,000 people and have an annual turnover of 5,7 billion euro. We talked with Joakim Söderström, managing director of SäkerhetsBranschen and chair of the Euralarm Security Section.

Main purpose and task

Joakim Söderström vd SäkerhetsBranschen lo-res.jpg

When asked for the main purpose and task of SäkerhetsBranschen Joakim answers: "SäkerhetsBranschen offers a platform where actors in the security industry together can address and highlight central security issues to create a safer and more secure Sweden. The main task of our association is to guarantee high quality and ensure knowledge in the security industry, and to secure that the members of the association act responsibly. Furthermore, SäkerhetsBranschen promotes more and better business for member companies and their customers."

Impact of crisis

SäkerhetsBranschen is the first association and Euralarm member where the spotlight is focused on. After a memorable year in which COVID-19 dominated much of the business it is interesting to hear how the crisis has affected the business SäkerhetsBranschen and its members? Joakim: "Let me start by saying that the crisis is continuing. Swedish government has had, in an international context, a very different approach to handling the pandemic. For most of 2020 we have seen the government advocating keeping everything open and, in some ways, downplaying the risks associated with COVID-19 as compared to most other countries. The crisis has had and still has a big impact on many companies and people being worried and living in uncertainty, especially in the hotel and restaurant businesses. The corona crisis had a direct impact on other industries and with that indirectly impacted our business as well. But as a whole my view is that our industry has coped well given the circumstances. After a more or less normal summer the second wave came in October leaving everyone in a somewhat uncertain situation. Now with the vaccine there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel."

When asked if he also sees positive effects, for example in the way people are reconsidering the way they work, Joakim says: "We have learned to become more digital where possible. Thanks to the fact that we had all the technology in place we were able to make a digital leap. It would have been a whole different story when this had happened 10 years ago. We do experience that the pace of the administrative work is increasing due to the technological possibilities. This is reinforced by the fact that Euralarm has two Technical Managers on board."

Is there a role for Euralarm in these developments? Joakim: "I think that the activities of Euralarm have remained the same but that the way the work is conducted has become more professional and faster. That is an important improvement. Although the work that Euralarm is involved in may be a bit dry for some, I do think it is extremely important. That is why we must continue to work on the visibility of our association and our activities. The COVID-19 crisis has taught us that there is still room for improvement when it comes to European co-operation. Although some of the larger countries have their own way of doing things, we should consider that Europe is a result of co-operation and that we therefore should always strive to take small steps to harmonize the safety and security industry." When asked if this will also impact the business of SäkerhetsBranschen, Joakim answers: "Not in a huge way. Sweden is one of the countries that has its own norms. The norms uphold and guarantee a high standard and quality, but at the same time we need to be careful not to hinder technical progress. We should get our network and skill set involved for that."

Supporting members

The beginning of a new year is always accompanied by wishes and outlooks. What issues will become important or defining for the security and safety industry in the coming years? "For Sweden that will be education for those who are or want to get into our business", according to Joakim. "And of course, we want to support our members and help them get through the pandemic, for instance by advocating their situation at influencing politicians and government officials. My message for Euralarm and Euralarm members for this year would be: keep on co-operating and stay an active member. With our new professional team, we have everything in place to position and promote our industry on European level. Make your voice heard and contribute to it; especially when it comes to digitalization!"

Focus areas SäkerhetsBranschen

  • Opinion building
  • Highlight and engage in issues that are of importance to the member companies
  • Create platforms where security issues are addressed by decision makers (e.g., Almedalen Week) 
  • Member services and industry development
  • Participate in the development of laws and regulations for the security industry
  • Develop standards and framework agreements
  • Gather unique industry statistics
  • Organize courses and classes to enhance the industry's overall competence
  • Networking
  • Networking activities
  • Gatherings and meetings for member companies
  • Skills development