Approved Recommendation for vote on FprEN 18031 series

The Delegated Act (EU) 2022/30 (as amended by (EU) 2023/2444) activates 3 new essential requirements of the Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU regarding cybersecurity and privacy which will become applicable as from 1 August 2025. This Delegated Act has been followed by the Standardisation Request M/585 requesting CENCENELEC to produce 3 new harmonised standards intended to allow manufacturers benefiting of presumption of conformity to these new essential requirements.

Work Group 8 of CEN/CLC/JTC 13 achieved a tremendous work under huge time pressure and delivered the following 3 new standards:

  • FprEN 18031-1 Common security requirements for radio equipment – Part 1: Internet connected radio equipment
  • FprEN 18031-2 Common security requirements for radio equipment – Part 2: radio equipment processing data, namely Internet connected radio equipment, childcare radio equipment, toys radio equipment and wearable radio equipment
  • FprEN 18031-3 Common security requirements for radio equipment – Part 3: Internet connected radio equipment processing virtual money or monetary value

These standards are currently under Formal Vote until 27 June 2024 and Euralarm TG Cybersecurity kindly encourage you to contact your respective national standardisation body to advocate for a positive vote on these three standards. A positive vote would be required in view of the approval for citation of these by the European Commission. Some arguments supporting such a positive vote can be found in the Approved Recommendation.