12 Nov 2020
by Martin Franke

Guidance document on gaseous systems now also available in Bulgarian

The guidance document explaining the differences between approved gaseous extinguishing systems and approved gaseous extinguishing components is now also available in Bulgarian.

Gaseous fire extinguishing systems are a very effective way to protect critical hazards and high value assets, when it is important to have no collateral damage caused by the extinguishant or residues. For any kind of electric risk (Data Centre, IT rooms, Control rooms, Switchgear rooms, etc.) or very sensitive/valuable assets or materials (Art, Antiques, Rare books, etc.), they are often the first choice. An additional factor is personal safety as many of these applications are occupied, either permanently or occasionally.

The correct performance of a gaseous fire extinguishing system is therefore essential not only to quickly extinguish a fire but also to protect human life. It is important to understand how to assess the efficiency and reliability of a gaseous fire extinguishing system. The guidance document explaining this, is now also available in Bulgarian. It can be downloaded here.