02 Feb 2022
by Benoît Stockbroeckx, Martin Franke

EC presents main content of new standardisation strategy

Thierry Breton, the Commissioner for the Internal Market, presented today the main content of the standardisation strategy of the European Commission.

Thierry Breton, the Commissioner for the Internal Market, presented today the main content of the Standardisation Strategy of the European Commission. Euralarm welcomes the new European Standardisation Strategy which aims to respond to the need for Europe to strengthen the strategic role standards play in the Single and the Global Market. It sets the pathway to better support Europe’s competitiveness and strategic autonomy, facilitate the dissemination of European innovations and ensure that European and international standards are in line with the EU's interests and values.

The European Standardisation Strategy consists of a package of four related documents, that can be downloaded at the following links:

Openness under our conditions

EC Commissioner Thierry Breton explained that Europe has been a leader in standardisation until the turn of this century. However, today Europe is challenged by international actors. The EC acknowledges that Europe has been too naive with his openness and wants to change towards "openness under our conditions”. Thierry Breton mentioned ETSI whose decisions are taken by international industrial groups with a large influence from China and USA.

5 levels

An amendment to Regulation 1025/2012  on European standardization is adopted with changes at 5 levels:

  • re-allign standardisation on European industrial priorities: green and digital transition and resilience
  • governance by reinforcement of the power of the national standardisation bodies and reduction of direct influence from non-european industrial groups, by provisions for better inclusion of SMEs, startup’s and the academic world
  • world leadership by pushing european priorities at the international level and support participation of European experts at international standardisation
  • increase the links between standardisation and research and innovation
  • attract experts and train young professionals for standardisation

The exact text laying down these general policy views is still awaited and will be shared in the coming days.

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