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Source: Sicherheit Management

Tracking goods is a central part of the service provided by freight transporters – customers like to know where their goods are, and that they have been loaded onto the truck for delivery. Using smart camera technology, the goods tracking process has now been improved – something Le Havre Groupage found out when they had a tracking solution installed recently by French installer Fabrice Juvien.
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Air traffic is expected to double in 20 years. This places a constraint on your airport especially if you don’t have room to grow and accommodate the increase in travelers. Does your security technology help you share infrastructures like gates and passenger information? How can it help you deliver new experiences in a secure and safe environment with operations that run like clockwork?
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In der aktuellen Ausnahmesituation sind in Deutschland viele Arbeitsfelder bedroht – auch die Sicherheitsbranche. Durch das Corona-Virus ist die wirtschaftliche Situation der Branche deutlich angespannt, berichtet der Bundesverband der Sicherheitswirtschaft. Für zahlreiche Unternehmen könnte bald eine existenzgefährdende Situation entstehen.
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