Electronic Fire Safety and Security System includes fire detection & extinguishing systems, voice evacuation and mass notification systems, hold-up & intruder alarm systems, access control, video surveillance systems, danger management systems, alarm monitoring and remote maintenance systems.

With the increasing scope of activities performed in Monitoring and Alarm Receiving Centres (MARCs), these centres become integrated Customer Service, Monitoring and Object Management Centres based on highly developed technology and remote system access. 

The RED is a new European Directive that applies to radio products sold in the European Union. It is a replacement for the current Radio & Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (R&TTE) Directive, which is to be withdrawn.

Ensuring a quality well-functioning internal European market is Euralarm’s highest priority and the essential condition to allow the European security industry to fulfil its potential to contribute to European economic growth, employment and safety together with its ability to compete successfully in our home and global markets.

The document, downloadable here, represents the Electronic Fire Safety and Security Industry's formal answer to an  ‘European Commission’s Inception Impact Assessment on the Proposal for an EU Initiative Establishing a Harmonised Certification Scheme for Alarm System Components’.  

The current situation

The tourism industry is very important for Europe, contributing substantially to member states’ economies. EU citizens and tourists coming from abroad have a right to expect a high and consistent level of protection in their accommodation when travelling within the European Union.


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