Euralarm a cosignatory of the EU Joint Initiative on Standardisation

Acknowledging Euralarm’s role in standardisation, the European Commission invited the association to be a signatory of the EU Joint Initiative on Standardisation. The initiative sets out a shared vision to speed up, modernise and better prioritise standard setting by 2019, consolidating Europe’s leadership in international standardisation. 

The signing ceremony was organised this June in Amsterdam, under the patronage of the Dutch Presidency of the European Council. Euralarm was one of the 54 signatories of the document and one of the few representing a specific industrial sector. 

Although not directed exclusively at the electronic fire safety and security market, the Joint Initiative on Standardisation includes many proposals Euralarm has long supported. Among them is the proposition of a single standard for market access in Europe, first on the list of ‘values’ defining the basis for the initiative. It also includes a number of potential actions in line with Euralarm’s strategic priorities, such as encouraging the development of European service standards, programmes for education in standardisation, the creation of a roundtable with the industry to ensure the market relevance of standards, and linking innovation with standardisation. One ‘pilot project’ described in the document is to aid the implementation of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) through standards. A high priority for Euralarm, which has repeatedly called for a review of the standardisation process under the CPR.

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