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ZVEI: Electronic safety technology close to the four billion mark

Euralarm Member ZVEI has released last week a statement on the state of the German market for electronic security technology in 2016. The development of the market has exceeded all expectations.

Compared to the previous year, the turnover of the companies in Germany rose by 6.2% to just under €3.95 billion, reports the ZVEI-Fachverband Sicherheit. One reason for this is the sustained positive trend in construction activity.

A further reason for the growth of the security technology is an increase in the need for safety measures, according to Uwe Bartmann, chairman of ZVEI. "The terrorist attacks in Europe have recently led to a re-evaluation of CCTV technology by politicians," says Bartmann.

Bartmann sees a long-term growth prospect in the digitisation and networking of security technology along with other domains: "Electronic security technology is an integral part of smart homes and smart buildings. Safety technology sensors offer new possibilities for data collection." New services and business models could be developed on this basis in the future.

Growth in almost all segments

The turnover of fire detection technology - the largest segment of safety technology still largely dependent on the construction Industry - grew by 6.8% to just over €1.8 billion in 2016. A surprisingly high growth was recorded last year in the German intrusion detection technology market, with an increase of 8%, up to €800 million. The figure reflects a high trend in burglary figures, as well as support measures from the German government to housing construction. 

The video surveillance segment has experience the highest growth, also around 8% to €511 million under the influence of the current security debate. The value of the access control market reached €307 million - an 4.8% increase. The revenue growth in voice alarm technology was slightly weaker with an 5.3% growth to €100. Smoke and heat extraction systems and call systems showed a stable growth.

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