White paper on outsourcing security maintenance is important for French market

For French Member SVDI, the Euralarm white paper for Building Managers: ‘Outsourcing the maintenance of fire safety and security systems’ published early 2017 came at the right time. 

Like many other national association in the electronic security sector, SVDI’s role is to represent companies which are for the greatest part SMEs providing services in the  security sector, such as maintenance for Building Managers. For this reason, it was important for SVDI to carry Euralarm’s message on the dangers of outsourcing maintenance to unqualified services providers. 

The Euralarm white paper reflects the association’s own message. More and more building owners and managers are outsourcing the maintenance of their buildings and systems to specialised facility management companies. However, the maintaining of fire safety and security system services by generalist service suppliers also brings the risk of non-specialists becoming responsible for the maintenance of fire safety and security services. Euralarm encourages Building Managers to use the European standard EN 16763’s guidance and build in the requirements for valid 3rd party certification into tenders and contracts when deciding which service provider to choose!


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