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Rising revenues in the German security market - Estimates published for 2017

The market for electronic security technology will significantly increase its sales in 2017 according to ealry estimates published by Euralarm Member the BHE. Accordingly, sales should increase by 5.1% to a total of €4,145 million - a new record.

A particularly high increase - around 7% - is forecast for the video surveillance technology. "Professional video technology is increasingly desired by the customer, whether in the private home, in the trade or in public institutions," explains Dr. med. Urban Brauer, Managing Director of BHE.

Also above average results are expected in the fire alarm technology. Here, an increase of 5.5 percentage points to a total turnover of EUR 1,904 million is expected.

The other safety-related trades also achieved positive results, such as access control (+ 4.9 percent), burglar alarm technology (+ 4.8 percent), voice alarm systems (+ 2.0 percent) as well as smoke and heat exhaust systems and other safety-related systems (+2, 9 percent).

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