For the Portuguese service-driven, SME-led electronic fire safety and security sector, Euralarm provides a tailored offer

In 2016, Euralarm Portuguese Member APSEI had the great honour of hosting Euralarm General Assembly and Symposium 2016 in Lisbon. APSEI is a member of Euralarm since 2011 and considers that Euralarm is doing a very important job in contributing to the recognition of the alarm systems Industry at the European level. 

A great number of APSEI members had the opportunity to attend to the Symposium and get familiar with important topics for the electronic fire safety and security business such as Building Information Modelling (BIM), Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud and Cyber Security.  

APSEI acknowledges in Euralarm a truly European partner competent to represent the Fire Safety and Security Industry’s point of view. The exchange of information and the process of decision based on a European consensus are truly appreciated. APSEI values Euralarm’s close relationship with the European Institutions, and its leading role in standardisation, particularly in European minimum quality services and professional qualification. Those two topics are very important for many national associations representing the interest of SMEs, which are mainly active in the electronic fire safety and security services sector and are discussed in the 2017 Euralarm Symposium in London.


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