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Euralarm to take part in with EU Commission meeting on Fire Information Exchange Platform (FIEP)

Euralarm published today a Communiqué to the European Commission explaining its views on the future of fire safety regulation in Europe. The topic is now in the spotlight after the Grenfell Tower tragedy and, as a follow-up, the European Commission aims create a Fire Information Exchange Platform (FIEP).

Euralarm will take part in the first meeting of the FIEP on October 16th and will support the following measures:

  Euralarm recongnises a need to understand the importance of a holistic view in achieving fire safety that cover three aspects:

-        The building structure and its contents must be considered as to how they contribute to the overall fire load as well as how they can hinder and restrain a fire event.

-        Technical means to provide early detection and evacuation of the building coupled with extinguishing.

-        Organisational plans on what is to be done in such an event and who is responsible to execute what measures.

  Qualifications of the people and companies that define the holistic fire safety concept, design/engineer the solution, install and commission such and finally those maintaining the systems must be in line with the recently released EN 16763 Services Standard for Fire Safety Systems and Security Systems.

  A pan-European data collection of fire events is missing. Euralarm has completed a 3 year study of several countries and came to the conclusion that a European approach is greatly needed.

Download the Euralarm Communiqué: Euralarm Position on Fire Safety in Europe.

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