Euralarm-supported standard for services in safety and security installations is received positively in Norway

Having received considerable support from Euralarm, the European standard EN16763 covers services for fire safety and security systems. Standard Norge wanted Norway to contribute to this initiative and Euralarm Member Noralarm was given the task to take the lead of the Norwegian mirror committee. 

The association’s expert had many years of experience in developing standards for products and systems. But to develop a standard for the delivery of services was a new kind of task: they have learned a lot from the process and gained experience in the area of services. 

TC4, the CEN-CENELEC Technical Committee for Services for fire safety and security systems, has developed this standard as the main tool to be used for accredited certification bodies in this area, and EN16763 can be used as the basis for establishing certification schemes for declared services together with other tools available to certification bodies. Actively promoting the standard in Norway, Noralarm experts nonetheless consider that the first issue of EN16763 is not covering all aspects of the requirements for declared services, but acknowledge that the intention for TC4 was to launch an effort to harmonise these requirements. 

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