Euralarm represents Electronic Security Industry at CEN-CENELEC Cybersecurity Workshop

Euralarm closely monitors developments in cyber security, which was one of the key topics of the 2016 Symposium. It will also figure high on the agenda for this year’s edition of the event which will explore, among other topics, digital services in fire and security electronics.

CEN-CENELEC, the European standardisation platform, has made standardisation in cyber security one of this year’s work programme priority and Euralarm standardisation experts attended a workshop on the topic organised this month in Brussels.

Over 100 participants from manufacturing industry, ICT and standardisation bodies discussed issues such as functional safety and cyber security as well as  priorities for safeguarding systems, processes and data. A global understanding emerged among participants that standards in cyber security need to be harmonised, developed jointly with the Industry and more oriented toward vertical applications.

For example, quality management systems need some rework to be more adapted to the current data protection procedures. In general, attendants to the workshop noted that technology standards for specific applications should complement existing process standards.

Beyond standardisation procedures, the event also directly addressed existing threats regarding cyber security. While certification and flexibility are important ingredients to cope with new attacks, worldwide standards seem to be more relevant when it comes to adapt for continuous process as to cope with the hackers’ smart way of finding gaps in ICT systems. Finally, a need for more awareness raising and training were also identified as prevention is key in cyber security. 

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