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Euralarm presents the topic ‘security as a secure service’ at Sicherheit 2017

Euralarm presented at Sicherheit 2017 in Zurich the fire safety and security Industry's view on security as a ‘secure’ service. 

Sicherheit is Switzerland’s largest Safety and Security fair and Trade Congress, well established and recognised for its attention to professional development training. Building on Euralarm experience and work in the fields of Safety and Security, Euralarm Delegates Jon Koenz and Lance Rütimann asked to present the European trade association’s position on ‘security as a secure service’.

The presentation outlined the themes of ‘security by design’, showing the focus areas of Euralarm to reduce the cybersecurity risks in the fields of Fire Safety and Security. They addressed what is being promoted to the Industry from product and project design to installation, system operation and services, both on-site and remote.

Euralarm is active in defining and promoting text for European norms and giving guidance to the market. One such norm just passed this year - the European standard 16763 on services for fire safety systems and security systems. Other examples are Euralarm’s work on guidance for remote services to begin in 2018 as well as the physical safety and security for data centres in the EN 50600 series.  

Jon Koenz and Lance Rütimann detailed their views on ‘as-a-service’ business models, incorporating cybersecurity needs and provided the audience with a brief explanation on what exactly ‘the cloud’ means for the security Industry. Finally, they stressed the importance of European and international standards in ‘making security secure’ and Euralarm’s groundbreaking work in that area.

In this context, and with ever evolving cybersecurity risks, the fire safety and security Industry must continue to define and implement measures to protect its products and solutions. Measures for IT infrastructures essential to the Industry should be implemented while keeping European citizens secure. 

Keeping security secure will also figure prominently at next year’s Euralarm Symposium in Bucharest, Romania, on June 4th, 2018.

Download the presentation given by Euralarm at Sicherheit 2017.

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