EU Commission stops further work on a Harmonised certification scheme for alarm system components

To the disappointment of Euralarm and its Members representing the electronic fire and security Industry, after more than 5 years of working with the European Commission on establishing a Harmonised certification scheme for alarm [security] system components, the Commission has announced that it will discontinue any further work on this specific initiative. 

After highlighting in its Security Industrial Policy Action Plan (COM(2012) 417) that fragmentation of the security market was an issue, along with the need to streamline the certification process in order to open fully the single market and remove barriers to trade, the EU Commission has decided that the certification scheme is no longer a priority.

Euralarm has formally written to the Commission highlighting its discontent, especially after 5 years of meetings, surveys and workshops and has requested a meeting to discuss whether other forms of the initiative may be possible. The Commission has replied that they have appreciated Euralarm’s continued expert contribution over the years and will look to see whether a stakeholder meeting would be possible to explore next steps.

Euralarm will continue to explore initiatives in order to streamline security certification in Europe with a goal to remove barriers to trade and move towards a single market.

Read the European Commission's letter to stakeholders on decision not to pursue the work on a harmonised certification scheme for alarm system components.


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