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EN 16763 has now been published in both French and German

The EN 16763 standard the result of a long-standing effort, initiated in 2009 with the creation of a dedicated Section within Euralarm. A German and French translation of the standard has now been approved and published.

This European standard lays out quality requirements for the service providers. It defines basic levels of competence of the employees entrusted with the planning, design, assembly, commissioning, verification, handover or maintenance of fire safety systems and security systems. It also describes minimum requirements on the service output and documentation.

EN 16763 is considered to be the first step in reaching a high quality and equal service level for fire safety and security systems in all Europe. In the long run, Euralarm Members hope for the standard to lead to a convergence of the existing landscape of national policies and procedures in Europe, notably through the development of pan-European application guidelines.

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