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Digital Agenda - Cyber security and Data Protection

After several workshops on Security, Safety, Resilience and Cyber Security organized by CEN, a new joint CEN/CLC TC13 "Cyber Security and Data Protection" has been proposed.  

Its scope will be the development of standards for data protection, information protection and security techniques with specific focus on cyber security covering all concurrent aspects of the evolving information society, including:

o    Organisational frameworks and methodologies, including IT management systems.

o    Data protection and privacy guidelines.

o    Processes and products evaluation schemes.

o    ICT security and physical security technical guidelines.

o    Smart technology, objects, distributed computing devices, data services.

This includes identification and possible adoption of standards already available or under development which could support the EU Digital Single Market and different standardization requests and/or EC Directives and Regulations. Special attention will be paid to ISO/IEC JTC 1 standards, but will not be limited to this: other SDOs and international bodies will also be taken into account, such as ISO, IEC, ITU-T, IEEE, NIST or industrial fora. 

For the relevant standards different options will be considered: 

o    Identical adoption as EN using for example Vienna/Frankfurt agreements.

o    Adoption as EN with additional / complementary requirements, for example in order to fulfil European legal requirements.


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