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CEN-CENELEC Security Sector Forum

Following CEN TC391 workshops in 2016, there is now a proposal to CEN /CLC /BT to form a new sector forum for security. It would act as an advisory and coordinating body to the CEN and CENELEC and CENELEC BTs and TCs, WGs and NSBs on political and strategic matters related to this field. 

It is designed to:

o    Coordinate on-going European standardisation activities concerning security topics which are being handled within various vertical sectors (e.g. construction, transport, ICT, energy, healthcare, food...)

o    Map security standards to visualize overlap and the need for collaboration;

o    Where no suitable standards exist, to define best ways to provide them in the near future by prioritization and by providing a roadmap, and make recommendations to the CEN and CENELEC BTs accordingly;

o    Organise the CEN and CENELEC response to European legislation and Europe general strategy in the security sector;

Euralarm is part of this forum which is currently driven by CEN TC391 Societal and Citizens security. It will be integrated in a new JIS Action 16. 

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