Building on the success of our Industry’s European service standard EN16763, Euralarm has successfully pushed through a new work item for a European standard on Remote Services for fire safety and security.

Euralarm sat down with Hein Bollens, Deputy Head of Unit European Standardisation at the EU Commission's Directorate General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs. The following is a lightly edited version of the interview.

Sunday, 29 April 2018 15:16

Euralarm recommends GDPR guide

Euralarm recommends the GDPR guide provided by Meta Compliance, which among other existing documents, is a helpful tool prepare your organisation to deal with the regulatory requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Today the European Commission is taking additional steps to further curtail the space in which terrorists and criminals operate – denying them the means needed to plan, finance and carry out crimes.

The European Commission recently published the 2018 Rolling Plan for ICT standardisation, which addresses standardisation developments in the field of ICT (information and communication technologies) and link them to EU legislation and policies. This year’s Rolling Plan sees the addition of the blockchain and distributed digital ledger technologies and regulatory technology chapters.

The European standard EN 16763 points a spotlight on the requirement for staff to be suitably skilled, trained and knowledgeable. With this now a requirement in the services standard, our Industry can look forward to a more formal education and training being offered to people wishing to join it.

Marlene Mizzi, a Maltese Member of the European Parliament (MEP), won on 21 March 2018 the prestigious ‘MEP of the Year Award’ in the ‘Internal Market and Consumer Protection’ (IMCO) category for her work as lead IMCO Committee Rapporteur on the ‘European Standards of the 21st Century’ report.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018 18:13

Euralarm a partner in Safe Stay 2018

Euralarm is a partner to Safe Stay 2018. The high-profile event is taking place on the evening of April 26 and throughout the day on April 27, at Cavendish Conference Centre in London. This event is for people passionate about prevention and effective management of possible negative impacts on guest safety and security in the tourism Industry.

The European Industry Days 2018’s main event took place last month in Brussels. The event was high level and little happened in terms of real announcements but the gigantic changes ongoing with the digitalisation of the industrial sector and a renewed drive within the EU Commission to push for a more integrated Single Market.

The Europe wide transition of traditional (PSTN) telecom networks towards ALL-IP networks is having a significant impact on the alarm signalling systems across European countries. Euralarm’s Task Group Next Generation Networks (NGN) focuses on this transition and its consequences. 

Today will take place the launch event of the new system of harmonised standards consultants, webstreaming will be available

In October 2018, the Joint Initiative on Standardisation (JIS) will complete its second year of life. Euralarm was one of the first signatories of the initiative and a key partner in the development of its actions. CEN-CENELEC, the European standardisation platform organises on October 10, 2018 a webinar on JIS' achievements and discussions.

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