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EU Industry Day summary published

Following the Firsst EU Industry Day’s main conference attended earlier this year by Euralarm, the European Commission has published last week a document summarising the discussions. 

Euralarm joins its UK Member the FIA in expressing its sincere condolences to all those affected by the Grenfell Tower tragedy. In addition, we praise the fire service for its prompt and professional response.

UK-based Euralarm Member the Fire Industry Association (FIA) announced last month that it will be offering four new qualifications for the fire detection and alarm sector, available to book from early July after the official launch at the FIREX event this year. 

The EN 16763 standard the result of a long-standing effort, initiated in 2009 with the creation of a dedicated Section within Euralarm. A German and French translation of the standard has now been approved and published.

French Euralarm Member SVDI will be the host of an off-programme conference organised during the Salon PREVENTICA on June 21st in Paris, on the topic: Why we should welcome more women in security today.

This text is the reproduction of an article published in the Italian edition of A&S Magazine, based on a contribution by Euralarm Technical Manager Marc Chenevoy. The latest edition of the magazine focuses, in between other topics, on public safety. You can find the article in Italian on the A&S Italy website.

The EU Council released last week its conclusions on ‘A future EU industrial policy strategy. The document emphases the importance of the dialogue with Industry stakeholders, such as Euralarm, and sets the EU on a course to deliver a regulative framework that is more supportive of the Industry.

In a long interview with FeuerTrutz, Lance Ruetimann, Swiss association SES Delegate to Euralarm and Euralarm’s Advocacy Committee Chairman, shares an update on the priorities of the Manifesto for a Safer and more Secure Europe.

The 9th edition of the A.R.T.S. National Conference in Bucharest, Romania will focus on the Social Value of Security Services. A topic that is also core to Euralarm’s Mission and Strategy. A.R.T.S. is Euralarm Member and a national association for the Industry of ‘Security Technique’. 

To the disappointment of Euralarm and its Members representing the electronic fire and security Industry, after more than 5 years of working with the European Commission on establishing a Harmonised certification scheme for alarm [security] system components, the Commission has announced that it will discontinue any further work on this specific initiative. 

Thanks to Euralarm’s excellent relations with the European Commission, ALIA was able to defend the point that SMEs active in the electronic security sector and providing on-site services do not need to be in competition with bigger players.

For French Member SVDI, the Euralarm white paper for Building Managers: ‘Outsourcing the maintenance of fire safety and security systems’ published early 2017 came at the right time. 

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