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With the new EN 16763 Services Standard, all the pre-requisites regarding level of skills, knowledge, and education that should be expected from service providers within the fire and security Industry have found a consensual definition.

With Article 50 officially being triggered on 29th March, the future of the United Kingdom is a somewhat uncertain one. As the UK’s Brexit negotiations begin to gather pace, with the Prime Minister looking to get the best ‘deal’ for the country, questions have been raised regarding the effects that the result of the EU referendum will have on standards and exporting within the security Industry. 

AGA, a Czech Member of Euralarm is sponsoring a free workshop ‘Crime prevention – Natural and technical prevention for smart and safe cities’, to be held in Prague on November 22nd, 2017.

Driven by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), several New Work Items are being developed that cover specific sectors of Videosurveillance applications.

After several workshops on Security, Safety, Resilience and Cyber Security organized by CEN, a new joint CEN/CLC TC13 "Cyber Security and Data Protection" has been proposed.  

Thursday, 26 October 2017 00:24

CEN-CENELEC Security Sector Forum

Following CEN TC391 workshops in 2016, there is now a proposal to CEN /CLC /BT to form a new sector forum for security. It would act as an advisory and coordinating body to the CEN and CENELEC and CENELEC BTs and TCs, WGs and NSBs on political and strategic matters related to this field. 

Critical infrastructure, such as highways, energy lines or pipelines, may spread over large areas covering wide geographic zones called widezones. There is clearly a need to provide proper security for such infrastructure against illicit actions and against incidents that may escalate to crises. 

Following a decision of its Board, Euralarm has welcomed its newest Member Teletek Electronics. The company will join the Fire Section of Euralarm, which activities cover fire detection, notification, evacuation, extinguishing controls and smoke and heat ventilation.

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