The Euralarm Symposium 2017, which took place in London and supported by the British Security Industry Association and the Fire Industry Association, made a clear point that fire safety and security will be transformed by services standards and related developments in digital services.

To the disappointment of Euralarm and its Members representing the electronic fire and security Industry, after more than 5 years of working with the European Commission on establishing a Harmonised certification scheme for alarm [security] system components, the Commission has announced that it will discontinue any further work on this specific initiative. 

Speeches and debates at the General Assembly of Euralarm, the European trade association for the electronic fire and security Industry, showed that it is more engaged with policymakers and regulators than ever. But also, found challenges ahead in delays in European legislative and standardisation processes.

Thanks to Euralarm’s excellent relations with the European Commission, ALIA was able to defend the point that SMEs active in the electronic security sector and providing on-site services do not need to be in competition with bigger players.

For French Member SVDI, the Euralarm white paper for Building Managers: ‘Outsourcing the maintenance of fire safety and security systems’ published early 2017 came at the right time. 

Having received considerable support from Euralarm, the European standard EN16763 covers services for fire safety and security systems. Standard Norge wanted Norway to contribute to this initiative and Euralarm Member Noralarm was given the task to take the lead of the Norwegian mirror committee. 

In 2016, Euralarm Portuguese Member APSEI had the great honour of hosting Euralarm General Assembly and Symposium 2016 in Lisbon. APSEI is a member of Euralarm since 2011 and considers that Euralarm is doing a very important job in contributing to the recognition of the alarm systems Industry at the European level. 

In autumn 2016, Euralarm’s Romanian association Member ARTS requested help from Euralarm Members in order to overcome an issue raised by a new local regulation. The national standard issued in 2015 considerably reduced the possibility for electronic fire safety products manufacturers to sell their certificated products and to use them in projects.

Vacancy: Euralarm General Manager

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