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Wednesday, 08 April 2015 18:03

Market Driven Standardisation

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Following the release of Euralarm’s Briefing on Market Driven Standardization (LINK1) and subsequent submission to CEN / CENELEC for their consideration, ...

Your city may be ‘smart’ – but is it safe and secure? Register for this webinar to hear speakers from both the fire and security industries, together with influential city officials discuss the issues as they see them and ponder the potential solutions.

Monday, 30 March 2015 13:46

Euralarm Press Clipping March2015

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The monthly Euralarm clipping report for the month March 2015 has been published.
The report contains clippings on IFSEC, Tourism accommodation safety, the EU Services Standard ...
European Commission will contribute to Euralarm’s Vienna Symposium!

Together we can make the difference!

International debate with Brussels towards a common road-map on certification and standardisation.

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Governments across Europe since years are facing an additional challenge when it comes to master crisis situations. In today’s environment, characterised by growing urbanisation, a mobile and multicultural population and the dismantling of the old WW2-sirens, in combination with the growing use of social networks, new methods of alarming the potentially endangered population are necessary.

Euralarm supports the establishment of a pan-European scheme for certification of service providers. It has engaged many of its members to work towards the development of the proposed European Standard EN16763 (‘Services for fire safety systems and security systems’), which will face a final vote by national committees in 2016.The industry needs the support of the European Commission, and certification bodies, to ensure effective implementation of the standard.

We ask certification bodies to join Euralarm in the development of testing and certification schemes based on the proposed EN16763 standard, and seek the backing of the European Commission in this work.

The European Commission’s Smart Cities and Communities Initiative is a welcome step to ensure that new technologies play a role in improving the urban environment.

However, the Commission’s 2011 initiative and its 2012 Innovation Partnership should be broader in scope, extending from transport and energy to other areas of urban life, including security. Euralarm seeks to raise awareness of the safety and security aspects of smart cities and ensure that they play a role in future activities. This will include effective Public Emergency Alarm and Response that can alert populations across borders and ensure that disaster response can be as effective as possible.

We call on the European Commission to include fire safety and security aspects as part of its future work on smart cities, including research projects funded under Horizon 2020.We also ask the Commission to examine the need for a European Public Emergency Alarm and Response System and work with EU and non-EU governments to agree a common approach and standards.

In the Spotlight

Meet the Euralarm Team.

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  • Section Services

    Section Services

    Safeguarding new and innovative services

    While maintaining focused on established fire and security services, the Services Section aims at safeguarding new and innovative services.

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  • Section security

    Section security

    We cover the whole picture

    The Security Section represents the intrusion , access and video sector and is key stakeholder in organizations such as CertAlarm, CEN-CENELEC, IEC and the European Commission. We have liaisons and are closely involved in standardisation groups.

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  • Section Fire

    Section Fire

    Fire protection for all

    The Fire Section promotes the protection of people, property and environment from fire.

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  • Section Extinguishing

    Section Extinguishing

    Fixed automatic systems and portable equipment

    The Extinguishing Section represents the Active Fire Extinguishing Sector and covers existing , new and emerging technologies, covering automatic extinguishing systems using gas, water, foam, powder and aerosols, oxygen reduction systems, portable equipment and other manual means of fire-fighting as well as fire-fighting agents used in either fixed automatic systems or in portable equipment.

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