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Dear Euralarm colleagues and friends,

The world is facing a crisis of humanity since the emergence of COVID-19. Only two weeks after our 50th Anniversary we are aware that we’re in a historical moment as it’s happening. More than ever we realise the importance of reaching out to support each other. And as promised in my latest Presidents’ Letter we will stay in touch to share relevant and trustworthy information that could help our members as well as other companies and associations through these difficult times.

To share the developments on COVID-19 that will which have an impact on our industry we will create a webpage on the Euralarm website. Apart from links to relevant international organisations, like the World Health Organisation, we will also inform you on best practices and useful tips. Member can also exchange knowhow and information on initiatives that will help society or will enable colleagues to learn from each other. We also plan to have some articles on tools you can use to keep your business running as smoothly as possible using of remote service and diagnostics , online training , effective video conferencing, etc.

And of course, your input is welcome as ever. If you have any thoughts or comments, related to the Corona Virus in your country and our industry, please feed them back to Paul van der Zanden to incorporate them into our webpage.

Stay safe and share your knowhow. Together we’ll get through this.


Best regards,

Martin Harvey
Euralarm President