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Monday, 10 December 2018 17:53

Artificial Intelligence for Europe

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Artificial Intelligence for Europe European Union

In its strategy on AI for Europe, the Commission proposed to work with Member States on a coordinated plan on AI by the end of 2018.

The aim is to maximise the impact of investments at EU and national levels, encourage synergies and cooperation across the EU, exchange best practices and collectively define the way forward to ensure that the EU as a whole can compete globally. Member States and the Commission identified a series of common actions to increase investments, pool data – the raw material for AI -, foster talent and ensure trust, building on the European strategy.

They prioritised areas of public interest, such as healthcare, transport and mobility, safety, security and energy, as well as important economic sectors such as manufacturing and financial services.

Because AI will also impact the fire, extinguishing and security business, Euralarm welcomes the coordinated plan on AI and is prepared to share knowhow and expertise and contribute to the safety and security related issues of the European AI strategy. More info on Artificial Intelligence for Europe can be found in the fact sheet.

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Martin Franke

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