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In Euralarm, there are four Sections arranging separate Section Members’ Meetings. One of them if the Services Section, which covers services in the area of fire and security.

One Delegate to a Section is nominated by each company or association Members of the Section for a term of three years. The Chairman and the Vice-Chairman of a Section come from different Euralarm Members and take part in the Board. Section Members decide on their own work programmes, but report to the Board.

Association/Company Delegate
Johnson Controls Martin Harvey
APSEI Maria João Conde
Vice chair woman
AES Antonio Escamilla Recio
ALIA Roger de Grave
ARTS Liviu Mateescu
BHE Carl Becker
COFRAS Béatrice de Bagneux
FIA Robert Thilthorpe
GESI Franck Lorgery
NAFOTS Velislava Vicheva
SaekerhetsBranchen Lars Ericson
SES Felix Hahn
Siemens Jon C. Koenz
SikkerhedsBranchen Kasper Skov-Mikkelsen
SVDI Stéphanie Tucoulet
VEBON-NOVB Erwin Schoemaker
ZVEI / FV Sicherheit Bernd Giegerich
Martin Duggan

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