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The Security Section represents the intrusion , access and video sector and is key stakeholder in organizations such as CertAlarm, CEN-CENELEC, IEC and the European Commission. We have liaisons and are closely involved in standardisation groups.

Joint EU experts

David WilkinsonThe Security Section meetings have been honored with the presence of experts presenting on actual topics such as the standardisation landscape on video surveillance. In parallel we closely follow technological developments, regulation and standirazation. Concerning standards, Euralarm continues informing members of changes and lobbying activities at both national and EU level.

One Delegate to a Section is nominated by each company or association Members of the Section for a term of three years. The Chairman and the Vice-Chairman of a Section come from different Euralarm Members and take part in the Board. Section Members decide on their own work programmes, but report to the Board.

BSIA David Wilkinson
AGA Milan Ceeh
UTC Tomasz Dowigiallo
AES Paloma Velasco Merino
ALIA Liesbeth Vandeputte
BHE Norbert Schaaf
COFRAS Olivier Lanen
ESI Philippe Camilleri
Honeywell Darren Owens
SaekerhetsBranchen Joakim Soderstrom
Securiton AG Henry Tröhler
SES Henry Tröhler
Siemens Peter Loeffler
Johnson Controls Kevin Harris
VSÖ Thomas Forstner
ZVEI/ FV Sicherheit NA

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