Section Extinguishing

In Euralarm, there are four Sections arranging separate Section Members’ Meetings. One of them if the Extinguishing Section, which covers services in the area of extinguishing controls, fixed fire-fighting systems including gas, sprinkler, water mist, powder and foam systems, fire extinguishers, fire extinguishing agents, new and emerging active technologies to extinguish or contain fires, and smoke and heat ventilation.

One Delegate to a Section is nominated by each company or association Members of the Section for a term of three years. The Chairman and the Vice-Chairman of a Section come from different Euralarm Members and take part in the Board. Section Members decide on their own work programmes, but report to the Board.


Association/Company Delegate
   Vice chairman
FIA  Alan Elder
SikkerhedsBranchen  Torbjorn Laursen
SES  Markus Müller
Siemens  Gerd Hülsen
Tecnifuego AESPI  Carlos Perez
Johnson Controls  Alan Elder

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