Alert4All and Euralarm in the last mile for Public Alert System proof of concept

June 6th, 2013
Today there is an ever-increasing urban population density, with citizens spending more and more of their time in complex building structures such as airports, shopping malls and skyscrapers. The basic need of both individuals and society for protection against events endangering life, limb and property has not changed. However there is a shift in the types of dangers, their complexity and the magnitude of damage.
As a result of the increasing impact of traditional fire and security risks, as well as infrastructure failure, natural disasters and terrorism, Europe requires a 'future proof' integrated alert and response system. It calls for the capability to integrate existing and future technologies, human behavior and solutions currently in place in buildings and transport systems. The management and exchange of knowledge in disaster situations as well as the harmonization of national solutions in Europe must be reviewed.
The aim of the team effort from the EU funded FP7 project “Alert4All” and Euralarm’s project “PEARS” is to establish a proof of concept that, if implemented, would warn and inform those exposed to risks or threats regardless of location and language. Achieving this will necessitate the ability to reach those in danger at any time of the day, be it at home or work, inside buildings, in transport systems or in public spaces. This is made possible by leveraging various alert and communication technologies and infrastructure, such as indoor and/or outdoor sirens/public address systems as well as strobe lights along with personal communication devices.
On October 15th, 2013 the team will demonstrate a prototype of a fully integrated public alert system incorporating an interdisciplinary alerting framework. The demonstration will be held at the premises of the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) in Wessling near Munich. The participants will include researchers, representatives from various authorities and industry partners from all areas of crisis and danger management.
Given the hundreds of thousands of security, fire safety and voice evacuation systems presently installed in Europe, the industry has contributed to an overall increase in safety and security, particularly for the vast majority of persons in buildings. Based on estimates that in Europe a person spends 80% of their lifetime inside buildings, the safety and security industry has thus saved numerous lives and protected many assets.
Euralarm will take the next step and provide policy makers and the industry a view towards increased safety and security by outlining options to close the existing gap between traditional systems in buildings and public alert. Two examples of this are systems for Mass Notification as well as home smoke detectors with enhanced functionality for emergency public alert applications.

For further information please refer to the webpage of Alert4All under:
Alert4All Final Demonstration - First Announcement

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